Information about the enterprise

Name Zakład Budowlano-Instalacyjny RICARDO Ryszard Droszcz
County zgorzelecki
Municipality Zgorzelec - gmina miejska
Locality Zgorzelec
Address Górnicza 35
Postal code 59-900
Phone 75 775 75 74
Mobile phone 510 101 752
Web page -
Territorial scope powiat : jeleniogórski, legnicki, zielonogórski
Date of authorization for transport of asbestos-containing wastes 30.04.2015 r.
Number of people working in contact with asbestos
Range of activities Options
Working with asbestos TAK
Transport of asbestos-containing wastes TAK
Identification of asbestos in products NIE
Determination of asbestos content NIE
Asbestos training NIE
Programmes, other NIE
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