Enterprises authorised to safely remove asbestos and connected with asbestos issue (e.g. asbestos removal, laboratories, education issues , programmes of asbestos-containing products removal). The Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and SmallGIS Sp. z o.o. are not responsible for the companies presented on .

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No. Name Sortuj Voivodeship Sortuj County Sortowanie od największego Municipality Sortuj Locality Sortuj Range of activities Options
421. SZYK-BUD Szymczak Krzysztof F.U.H Usługi Blacharsko-Dekarskie WARMIŃSKO-MAZURSKIE bartoszycki Bartoszyce Bartoszyce praca z azbestem, transport odp.
422. IREK DACH SERVICE PODLASKIE augustowski Augustów Augustów praca z azbestem
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