Information about the landfill

Nature of the landfill Zamknięte
Name Składowisko Odpadów Niebezpiecznych w Jadwinówce
Field restriction
Voivodeship ŁÓDZKIE
Municipality Radomsko
Locality Jadwinówka (Płoszów)
Address Gmina Radomsko Jadwinówka
Phone 44 684 01 13 609 381 205
Total capacity [m3]
Free capacity [m3]
Year of closure 2012
The amount of deposited wastes [Mg]
Owner/Manager/Investor TRANSPORT-METALURGIA Sp. z o.o.
Address of the owner 87-500 Radomsko ul. Reymonta 62
Phone 44 684 01 13
Mobile phone 609 381 205
Web page
Date of last edit
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