In the Programme for Asbestos Abatement in Poland 2009-2032, the following goals are maintained:

  • to remove and dispose of products containing asbestos;
  • to minimise negative health effects of contact with asbestos fibres;
  • to eliminate the negative effect of asbestos on the environment.

These goals are to be achieved by the implementation of mutually complementing tasks at three levels (central, voivodeship and local: poviat and gmina), financed from private and public means, including budgetary resources at the disposal of the Minister of Economy.

The Programme provides for grouping the tasks in five subject areas:

  • Legislative tasks;
  • Education and information activities, including: measures aimed at children and youth; trainings for employees of government and self-government administrations; development of educational and awareness-raising materials; evaluation and promotion of technologies for the destruction of asbestos fibres in asbestos waste; organisation of national and international trainings, seminars, conferences and congresses and participation in them;
  • Tasks related to the removal of asbestos and asbestos-containing products, including: removal of asbestos-containing products from constructions; cleaning of premises, amenities, public areas and former plants manufacturing asbestos-containing products; construction of asbestos waste landfills, as well as installations and equipment for the destruction of asbestos fibres; auxiliary tasks, including financial support for the development of programmes of asbestos-containing products removal and asbestos abatement at all levels;
  • Controlling the Programme implementation in form of the Electronic Spatial Information System for the monitoring of asbestos-containing products removal;
  • Measures in the field of exposure assessment and health protection, including the activities of the Reference Centre for Asbestos Exposure and Health Risk Assessment.

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